It saddens me in the modern world to see that we have thrown away courtesies, kindness and patience for wanton speed and impatience. Today I heard and saw the following whilst working at the usual eatery:

  1. I greeted the customers and not one acknowledged my presence with a reply of “Hello..” or the more modern (and rather curt) “Hi…”; some of them who did greet me did so with less warmth than I myself have done or with a regrettable pang of artificiality.
  2. The distressing and worry-inducing utterance and curse of; “For f***’s sake…” One does wonder how such a rather ill-tempered and portly woman manages the beings around her called children while she navigates her way through whilst not being in a little auto-related mishap.
  3. No thanks given for the service I provide: at this, I myself let out a small, inaudible sigh. I may not be the one slaving away in a steamy kitchen, but still, I would like some thanks, just like everyone else who works where I do.
  4. “I’m sorry. No, not really.”: Alright, how should I start at this conundrum? I remember that it started with the accident of a spillage. If it is truly a customer’s fault, they should at least apologize for calling us up to clean a mess that they could avoid in future and not mock us or say anything tinged with sarcasm. A dandy such as myself wonders if these dining ruffians/Dandy and Gentleman poseurs treat their women in this manner also, which is quite unforgivable in my book.
  5. The playing of loud automobile music: The playing of music is quite alright in my opinion, but does everyone who owns an auto must play music at a loud volume with their windows down? Not everyone likes the music another might enjoy these days, and plus I would like to keep my hearing as long as I can to appreciate songs of my own, for I am not at the ripe old age of losing my ears just yet. It is a surprise that the young man doesn’t get arrested by traffic police for the excessive volume.

It is something of a defeat according to this rather long and detailed listing, but I must press on despite society’s failings and win at least one victory before the week is out.

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