Winter Music: DRESDEN

With the onset of winter, it is good to do following: to rug up, lower gas bills whilst we are all at it, going back to more heartier food such as soups, stews and roasts, drinks such as the all-important tea and the addition of hot chocolate and of course: music. Music has been listed as the most important addition to one’s life, whether it is provided by CD, radio, gramophone or the technologically advanced MP3 player which appears in many forms in this day and age. The music in question is The Dresden Dolls and their new album, No, Virginia… Which characterizes the winter over here perfectly: slow, slightly undecided, merry, saddening, rainy or lightly summery due to the bi-polar behavior of Mother Nature with bouts of randomness in between. This my first exposure with The Dresden Dolls in terms of how my collection goes, but in terms of instruments, loudness and chaos is good in small amounts.

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