On the Subject of Moving Forward: FINDING OCCUPATIONS

On the subject of Letting Go when it comes to “Certain Relationships” I get reminded by like-moded folk such as myself to forget, move on and find a hobby, even though such activities or plans of them seem too harrowing to bear for people like myself. After all, it is imperative that activities are created or found to be done in this age where relationships from friendships to family never last more than a year and no one seems to care for either party, whether attached or alone. So, what to do? Simple.

  1. Any gifts should be given to charity regardless or sold on EBay.
  2. Messages should be deleted from the Mobile Telegram Receiving/Sending Device and/or The Anbar Powered Multi-Purpose Calculator Engine.
  3. Messages that are written should receive treatment from Step 1.
  4. Photos received should receive similar treatments as per Step 1 or Step 3 depending on the recorded medium.
  5. Numbers of The Person in the Mobile Telegram Receiving/Sending Device should be deleted promptly.
  6. Connect with fellow lady-friends and gentleman-friends, for they will provide advice, comfort and simple entertainments (including going out for the all-important tea, the moving pictures, Joyriding In A Packed Motorized Auto Carriage In The Countryside, doing out-of-the-blue activities ala A Clockwork Orange minus the glorified ultraviolence, etcetera).
  7. Reconnect with old, abandoned hobbies (in my case, it would be learning the piano, the creation of moving pictures and walking the over sized load of a rat called a chihuahua).
  8. Forget about what has happened, for It isn’t worth remembering and will eventually become one of those bits of wasted space memory-wise.
  9. Remember that your parents have met each other during their early to late twenties or much later, furthering the old saying of, “There is plenty more fish in the sea.” and that you will find someone a lot more worthier.

I hope that this, along with other pieces of similar information will help some, for writing this was quite cathartic.

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