Lessons in The Chaos Merry-Go Round: 1

Karma and chaos or the opposing forces in the universe. It is with proof from many religions and peoples that these forces truly exist and despite the Age of Science and perhaps, mind-bogglingly sterile skepticism akin to today’s children in the playground getting allergies, these things show themselves regardless when it comes to people and animals and how we treat them. As a dandy working in a restaurant run by a multi-million corporation fighting against the forces of blandness and a lack of individuality, I see this every time I work, seeing how being a fellow Discordian seems to be relevant to this as well in more ways than one. For instance:

  1. Greeting the customers, which is a matter of smiling, or waving and saying something relevant such as “May I help you?” is not just good manners, ladies and gents, it gives you good points.
  2. Things falling off other things: Yes, that’s Eris doing everything, not just you.
  3. Tripping over: See Number Two.
  4. Making mistakes: Some people say it’s human, but then again, it’s chaos too, especially when you serve so many others.

I simply regard it as something a Being From Upstairs does as a way to not let us perish slowly in a universe of blandness and routine, but, this is the way I see it as I walk the world.

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