When the Goddess Smiles: CHAOTIC FORCES

It’s been a couple of weeks since that little chapter of my life started to distort the reality around me, making me rather outside of it. Maybe this is a trigger for change. Funny how events that turn our worlds upside down forces us to face it and change in a dramatic way, whether people like it or not. Simple courtesies like smiling to your would-be enemy during a confrontation about to happen (like what happened last week, for instance.) just to freak them out for the sheer sake of it and saying your greetings or goodbyes, even at a place which considered not expected or mediocre really does brighten up this dual-sided thing called The World in which we live in and fail to appreciate at times.

  1. Wow. It sounds like you have been through some serious stuff.

  2. Yes, definitely. I should really update a bit more since I went to Supanova last week.

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