After letting go of someone I absolutely cherished, befriended and ultimately hated for obvious reasons, I felt the world change in a dramatic shift; it was growing in size (like how our minds make simple tasks daunting to do), it was getting colder than a place that a Canadian would have nightmares about at night, the paint’s color of it was draining away from the skin of the hand called my Reality. I had nowhere else to go and I was literally stuck down. Right here. I had forgotten, for I had friends willing to reconnect me (however painful) back to the world. There was I____, who was a co-worker turned friend at work, C______ (I happen to know two of these guys, with the same name, but no relation) and lastly, there is also T___, who is really a tank in flesh despite his name who knows (I’m guessing) half of Perth, enough to assemble an army at very short notice and his friends, V____, R___, T____ (this one is a fellow fan of Dr. Steel) and people this guy happens to run into. After that, my perception of the world started to change for the better and then, on a Wednesday night, I had an epiphany on The Nature of The World, leading me to become a practitioner of Discordianism and discovering patterns relating to The Laws of Five, of which I still discover every day of the week. I also eat hot dogs on a Friday.

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  1. All Hail the Erisian Liberation Front! The laws of five, eh? I had never heard of that one.

  2. As we all say; “Hail Eris, all hail Discordia!” The Vienna smoked hot dogs in the city made by the Japanese man is a work of genius compared to the bratwursts churned out by the Cafe near the traino 😉

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