The Little Big Things: HERESY

Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting.
Alan Dean Foster, “To the Vanishing Point”
I can smell the acrid smoke, hear the yells for order and see the flames touch the darkened skies like vengeful stars going nova and hear the boots stomping, shaking the ground with cracks ripping everything on it asunder as I start my typing a few kilometers away from the forming riot. Yes, it’s that time again for a well-mannered, offensive rant on my favorite subject! As they say: gather ’round, take a seat and listen, children.
I blog about religion and it’s flaws very often so, here goes nothing. Today this afternoon, I went and did the usual thing on WordPress and checked out the blog owned by DoubtingThomas and found this piece of information given by the many commenters/flamers/spammers of the site:
Another part of the tale you have left out is the element of transfiguration. We christians are promised new, incorruptible bodies. Jesus walked around in one in His post-Resurrection appearances. He ate and drank and walked, but He could also walk through walls, disappear suddenly and defy gravity. Newtonian physics give way to Einsteinian relativity. And Einstein is but a babe compared to the intellect of God. What happens when God plays a superstring guitar? ;]
I thought when I read this, the poor sap was going to rant something about turning lead into gold or something similar and just as ridiculous. Einstein being a babe compared to the intellect of God? Don’t make me laugh. If the intellect of God is so great, then why hasn’t he provided these people a way to stop the world’s problems in a snap yet? Or tell the males of the population that the females will eventually rise up to their heights and exceed greatly than them? Seriously, if you have intellect, you can use it to change things, it’s that simple. As usual, the guys at his site have managed to turn the discussion into a worthwhile mud-slinging match worth looking at whilst saying out loud (which is very brave, considering how many Christians roam the Earth) that the religion itself is very unoriginal and borrows from every other mythology in existence, even ones they consider heinous or not The True Religion/The One And Only Religion. Which is true, because in every story to do with a religion, there is always the same story format of: a creation myth, an appointed Saviour, a few wars (and or plagues) and a story to do with The End Times and a Resurrection. It’s good that he has pointed these things and opened quite a lot of eyes in this process, since in this day and age, ignorance isn’t bliss, not anymore. There are now several belief systems within this world, including the more conventional religions, some even take one religion to complement another (Discordianism is a good example) or not (Atheism, Nihilism), or not really (Agnostic) or Something Else Entirely (Pastafarianism). At birth, we are indoctrinated in a religion, and since we are that young, we have no choice in the matter until we open our own eyes later in life and turn around to make our own choices and experiment with belief systems until there is one that suits our beliefs and our reality, definition or view of it. Until then, we are forced to stumble as we walk this world, littered with flotsam disguised as gold, searching for that Something that probably doesn’t exist. Not that its impossible, because there isn’t possibility just yet.
On a lighter note: A certain religion calls for the help of a Certain Alien, notably This One.
  1. At birth, we are indoctrinated in a religion…

    I wasn’t, fortunately.

    I tell you what, when I was eventually exposed to religious proselytism (when I was 7), it just seemed so counter-intuitive and the religious “educators” weren’t at all prepared for me to ask questions about the product they were selling.

    My skepticism caught on amongst other students very quickly and we had a nice year 7 atheist clique (notably of the smart kids). We were surprisingly quite aware of what we were doing and we spent our recess time discussing the absurdities of the religious claims were exposed to.

    …because in every story to do with a religion, there is always the same story format of: a creation myth, an appointed Saviour, a few wars (and or plagues) and a story to do with The End Times and a Resurrection.

    Don’t forget the holidays! Saturnalia/Christmas, Oestre/Easter!

  2. Whoops…

    year 7 atheist clique

    should read 7 year old atheist clique. We were in year 3.

  3. My eyes started to open on the ugly truth of a religion near the end of Year 11. Unlike the other students who blindly follow the trend of becoming human sheep, I kept an ear and an eyeball at the world, since the 9/11 attacks started when I was in the middle of Year 8, causing me to question the use of a religion or god (or pantheon of gods, whatever), leading me to swing between Atheist and Agnostic for four years straight and I followed the events that followed these attacks (the numerous suicide bombings, the London Attacks and the occasional reports on The War on Terror) and realized that through all this, one major religion got demonized and given a bad name, even though Christianity is just as worse. It amazes me that we don’t hear this sort of thing with Buddhism.

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