The Door Marked “Rite of Passage”: ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES

Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing.
Aristotle, ‘Nicomachean Ethics’
Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC – 322 BC)

Ah, I remember turning to a time when I could do whatever I wanted because I came of age. The food and alcohol was flowing like water from a storm drain without slowing down and the people were everywhere. Yes, I’m talking not about my birthday, but a friend’s from college. It was a costume party with a full cast of people from horror movies (the birthday boy, C______, dressed up like The Crow from the movie of the same name), cross dressers, stereotypical Goth boys, Final Fantasy VII (Cloud Strife) extras, Cowgirls, people dressed up as other people, G.I Joes, Time Lords (or a Time Lord), Dryads and normal party-goers, with the whole backyard overflowing with Goon (Fruity Lexia). I remembered what C______ said about the stuff.

Good for Goon bad for wine.

It tasted like fruity vinegar, with a dash of ale in it. The rest was Bullet Bourbon, a Ribena Home brew thing consisting of vodka and Ribena cordial and the usual suspects for soft and cool drinks; Coke, Pepsi, Lemonade, Apple Juice (which a two-liter bottle of it managed to get stolen by a party-goer before the night was out), Multi-V Juice and bottles of Frantelle water hiding in the lone blue and white esky. I managed with the goon and the soft drinks for the rest of the night, disappointed that my other friends from my class didn’t come at all. Since he was expecting over thirty people to rock up later during the party. But apart from that, it was awesome for a party consisting of the relatives, friends, House mates and people related to a religious youth group linked with your friend from college. It took several tries before people got who I was dressed up as, which was the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, since everyone can recall Tom Baker’s one with absolute ease, even with mind-blowing levels of drunkenness thanks to the Goon. I personally couldn’t be screwed with giving myself a haircut and a hair dye back to my original brown, and a certain relative of the Birthday Boy kept on nicking my sonic screwdriver/pen hybrid I scored from the ABC Shop in the City the day before, of which she used as a weapon of Mass Distraction and Severe Attention Abuse. The party music itself was quite… varied for something so normal (compared to my tastes in Industrial music); ABBA, ACDC (the Birthday Boy’s favorite musical poison), Propellerheads, Apocalyptica, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson and a few others (of which I took the opportunity to regale the boys with the tale of my concert) The highlights of the whole party was the cake; in the likeness of a tombstone, the rosting of marshmallows on the fire (one of two at the party with the main one consisting of a wheel-barrow with logs aflame), the religious debate brought on by V_______ and her decision to change faiths, hearing that the other party-goers might rock up to Angelspit’s concert and SPANK! this year apart from myself, the amount of food left over, C______’s persistence of speaking up on the difference between Protestants and Catholics, the kookiness of his parents and the overall “charity-feeling” of everything in general that night. The rain the next day however, was catastrophic; it literally pissed down and hailed all across the metropolitan area with several reports of flooding, making driving down the street dead fun because all the water everywhere. Anyway, happy birthday, my good man. May your shelf of booze grow in abundance.

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