Sehnsucht versteckt
Sich wie ein Insekt
Im Schlafe merkst du nicht
Dass es dich sticht
Glücklich werd ich nirgendwo
Der Finger rutscht nach Mexiko
Doch er versinkt im Ozean
Sehnsucht ist so grausam

Longing hides
like an insect
while asleep you don’t notice
that it stings you
I’ll never be happy anywhere
the finger slips to Mexico
but it sinks in the ocean
longing is so cruel
Sehnsucht, by Rammstein

It has been halfway between the first week, and let me tell you; it’s quite harrowing when you have to stay away from someone you love for two weeks because it’s for your own good and also theirs and therefore, you have to do something else to alleviate the suffering of being lonely without someone that ultimately completes you. Or else you get completely obliterated bacause it chips away at you. It seems like forever, now I know how Harvey Krumpet feels, minus the Tourettes; waiting for the Invisible Bus that might not come at all. Last Wednesday, I just hung around in the city because of a major case of the blues (and yes, over here, the rainy season has started), which could be S.A.D according to ___ or my Clinical. The way it started was sudden like Doctor Ishida from Norwegian Wood/Noruwei no Mori talking about her “snap episodes”. I bet the other one is coping better than I am.

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