It’s another round of mucking around with cameras, breaking tripods, nearly losing the boom-poles, forgetting the batteries and opening up our mouths with unintended sexual innuendo during conversation and infuriating many a lecturer over our noisiness and lack of attention. Four of us arrived early, the rest arrived late. The lecturer was obviously “saddened” by our lack of activity during the making of “The Alternative”. The first few gems of the class was said thus:

The Lecturer: …and the importance of the Diopter near the eyepiece is…?

N___ W______ (about the eyepiece of a camera): Eyepiece? You mean the hole? (Several sniggers erupt from the class)

(Several minutes later…)

The Lecturer: Okay, can three people who finished their pop quizzes get me the following from P___; three batteries, tripods, cameras and three lamps, one Redhead (at this point, everyone looks at the only redhead or ranga in the room).

T__: What?

Everyone Else: Yeah, rangaaaa! (He then proceeds to operate said allocated lamp)

(When M________ was the “model” for the three lamps)

T__: Now she really looks like one of those magazine models…

The Lecturer: See how soft the lighting is…? (No one seems to be paying attention, The Lecturer looks around and casts a frown)
The Lecturer: (noticing the slight remark towards obscenity) Not that!

Last term it was about tasering people and talking about auto-erotic strangulation in the cafeteria before that and walking around with a friend on a leash around the library and the cafeteria during a Thursday, not to mention Piratines Day (with Matty Blade) and Camo Day during the screening of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. What’s next I wonder?

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