Hardened Disappointments: HARDY HERON

Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. – Linus Torvalds

I, like every Linux using “elitist prick” on the planet have been awaiting rather loyally for the release of the new Ubuntu distro, better known under the name of Hardy Heron (the upgrade “number” is 8.04) of which I downloaded the .iso and burned the CD under a slow speed eagerly awaiting the burn to be complete. The guys at Ubuntu Forums (one of my many second homes online) have also expressed their joy of this by giving the official forum a face lift and encouraging everyone to go forth and test the Desktop Edition Beta for Hardy, of which I declined, wanting instead to yest the final product even to the point of one user calling it Hardy Heroin on his avatar. The upgrades that Hardy boasts are thus:

  • Long Term Support (LTS) release
  • Better Tango compliance
  • Compiz usability improvements
  • Brasero disk burner
  • Transmission BitTorrent client and Vinagre VNC client by default
  • PulseAudio by default
  • Integration of Rt2x00 wireless drivers
  • Automatic grabbing and releasing of the mouse cursor when running on a VMware virtual machine
  • Wubi installer included into the disk

Yes, that’s quite the list. But here’s the problem; Linux is usually said to support older hardware so that even a stinking pile of dog shit could work like an absolute stunner. Alas, not for this box; the disk booted fine and asked which language I’d like for the install of Hardy to be in, but then it goes and stops and repeats the cycle over for half an hour and the driver for my monitor which is a NEC MultiSync V930 wasn’t found at all. Afterwards, it went to a Terminal-like state (you know, Username@Ubuntu-Desktop~$ sudo blah-blah) with the carriage blinking at me. So, now everybody (including myself) is starting to rant at the forums because of this buggy upgrade which wasn’t worth it in my opinion, so I made the switch to Mint and tried Wine-Doors for my Guild Wars (works like a charm and so much faster!). Hardy in my opinion was the most over-hyped and rushed of all the distros for Ubuntu. So we can probably only wonder when it comes to Intrepid Ibex which is the next step up with a bit of heart-thudding worry mixed with horror. *takes a deep, deep breath* Gosh!

  1. Isn’t Mint or that WINE thing a program that allows Linux to play computer games made for the PC?

  2. Yes, it’s WINE. But there’s quite a few variants of the program. WINE is the original, Cedega is the commercial fork with DirectX support, PlayOnLinux is a beginners’ version and Wine-Doors is like Cedega, but it works better on my Linux Mint box compared to Cedega; which makes my Guild Wars game dead slow like a dying, parched horse.

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