Rayney Days: BEDBUGS

I’m back again after not posting for a while because of a thing called Real Life. But that still doesn’t deprive me of what to beat the living shit out of, verbally. Over at my side of Oz, it is starting to rain yet again despite being autumn and also having to put up with wacky weather (burning heat to freezing your arse off) and birds chattering in the morning with car engines making a racket, reminding me of something called Normality which I lack. All I remembered was a peaceful silence before that and there is also, this:

Police bugged my kids’ bedroom, says Rayney – The West Australian

Only one thing came out of my mouth; a torrent of laughter echoing around the room as I read on. Apparently “poor” Lloyd has broken his five month silence because of this (what?) and accused the investigation done by police of being biased (shit! Yeah?). I order people still puzzling or reading the article (or an unfortunate mix of both) to put the front page down in front of them and back away for a minute and check out the mugshot of Mr. Rayney before checking out the face again at close range. Doesn’t it seem rather weird that most suspicious/psychopathics have these sorts of faces? But I think the police should really concentrate on other people around at the time, not just the husband or the hanky which could be a brand name, not an actual name, since the kids are now disturbed (yes, you read it right) by no other than the police doing their investigation shenanigans. It’s strange and scary how an event like this has changed the family though, that’s for sure.

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