The Gathering of Ages: THE EYE

Well, it’s been a while since I heard from Matt’s brother, Mike since he moved from W.A to the Eastern States (which to my mistake wasn’t Sydney, but Brisbane) during Easter last year, leaving the three of us (of the original school posse) angry and stunned, his folks included.

But, as many other friends said, they’re going to be shocked even more once they find out the truth about why he moved to one side to the other with just a text message as a final “notice” as it were. Seeing him in the flesh was a bit of a lukewarm experience to be honest; I thought he would really do something a lot more meaningful than work at a service station or even Donut King (at what position, he didn’t give, nor hint at) or at least stop inadvertently copying the hairstyle of his twin with albeit longer and lighter colored hair than I have ever seen him with. As with all reunions of any sort, I find them boring, uncomfortable (due to several differences to race, religion and social status that glares like a puppy photo with red eye) and forced in terms of the “happy factor”. During a period such as this, I am usually the odd one out (quite literally), but this was the only gathering where I really felt “at home” for several years, since the last involving, ahem, family was rather strained (one aunt tried to steer the family away from eating at a food hall and also from our second choice, an Indian Restaurant because of the stupid misconception that all curries are hot) despite the time of holiday. Anyway, we all met one another at Carousel at Gelare (which still gets the living daylights beaten out of it because of the pancake/crepe shop in the food hall because Gelare charges seperate for waffles and ice cream, which is rather annoying) eating sundaes and noodles (since my sister went to Han’s Cafe for a boxful of the stuff) and watching the American film adaptation of The Eye and enjoying the way Mike freaks out during the frightful scenes (I even remembered sleeping through Saw IV once the last time we saw a movie of this nature) which were nothing, since I find the original films a lot more worthwhile compared to remakes (Dark Water was one of the originals that I liked). Anyway, Mike was the the one who jumped like a bean on crack and it was the most amusing, since he was the one with a jumbo barrel of popcorn in his lap (of which we scabbed off went he isn’t jumping). It disgusts me on how designer fashion stores in Carousel are being built, recalling the Gucci store that I still wanted to burn with a group of friends in Perth since no one will pay that much for clothing that they will only parade in on the catwalk which doesn’t seem as functional as it should be, not to mention the use of Roswell Aliens instead of actual women (here’s a note to other men out there: a real women has curves, and not all of them need to be like Paris Hilton to be declared beautiful or sexy). Hungry Jacks was the usual establishment after, with one of the cashiers asking why I dressed (remember, I am involved in the Neo-Victorian/Steampunk, Gothic and Dandy cultures and before that, being a Cyberpunk or Cyber, as they were called) the way I do. She asked if it were a special occasion, of which I said, every day is a special occasion, depending on how you look at it. It turned out that we also over-used our cameras, which was a good thing because Mike was leaving Perth to go back home the next day, which brings me to another thing that I’ll rant about: he doesn’t use e-mail more than twice, which is very annoying since he does have a car to start with and a mobile phone. Maybe he’s a closet Luddite. In denial!

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