A Day Outside: GUYS ON FILM

After several muck-ups thanks to the workings of

two lecturers (which are on my list, believe it or not), we could actually go out ans film stuff in the City where our campus is based even though we were panicking about some practical test that followed the first class used for filming which took up the second one (with that fucktard of an Irish lecturer) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. There is the groupings for the people in the entire course which goes from A to E (E being our class group) and then, our respective lecturers divided the class for Camera Operations into groups of four or more and that meant that we had to be careful about where we were filming, not to mention the other factors such as unwanted noises, birds and people running past or being idiots in the background or being “harassed” by a stalker-man who had a predilection for benches you find in parks and oncoming groups of Bananas who decided it was time the city had what was jokingly referred by the people of Oz as a Blackout. Our group consisting of M_______, T__, P_____, S_______ and myself took several hours to finish less than a handful of scenes because some of them involved being filmed from indoors instead of outdoors, which is what we were supposed to do to our extreme distaste and plus we took time because of the “factors” involved and one woman (whom I recall wore red and had ginger ringlets of hair) trying to convince poor M_______ who was having trouble with her movements already on how to act like a real ninja. Either this woman is actually practicing Ninjutsu (which exists in Oz, but actually unheard of in terms of practitioners), trying to get in-shot or just being an idiot as usual. The other factor was the ever-present noise or physical presence of the pigeons and seagulls of the city and the various motor-vehicles that “threaten” to run our filming groups over in the area. The highlight of this whole escapade was when T__ and P_____ tried to convince me and P____ and his friends to buy some food from the city, being college cheap-arses as we are.

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