The Dandy Goes to College: IMPRESSIONS

It’s been a while since I wrote anything of substantial value here since I had to deal with Windows XP failing me and coming back to linux (well, Ubuntu to be precise) only to fix a sound problem and dealing with college and work and those little things in life that get in my way. It’s been four weeks since my start in college and here are my impressions of the lecturers as follows.

Gurbiel: Not only does he rant and criticize, this guy seems to hate everything except himself and is a hypocrite and a bullshitter. He claims that in the days of his youth, he was involved in the “arty-farty” groups in his school days, only to not fully explain what that means in terms of a subculture or a fashion statement. His skills as a lecturer as described by P____ is right on par: bullshit.

Olivier: This guy is one of the few lecturers who rock my socks. He is also not good, but great in helping others wield the death-machine called a Camera On A Tripod. His company name was hilariously abbreviated to the word GOD. Awesome.

McGlue: Not that this guy is even more brilliant than the last, but this guy is as boring in the same way as Woznica in terms of his speech. The only time he sounds remotely interesting is when he is angry. In the last two weeks, he picked on no one in the whole class but me: the sheep who got away. Having a near monotone voice and an Irish accent doesn’t mix with being a lecturer in Sound Mixing. Motherfucker.

Mekleburg: This woman just rocks. that’s all I have to say. She’s so great that words just seem to fail me at the moment.

Ware: For a lecturer involved in the Occupational Health and Safety in this course, he jokes about everything. Even during a major assessment or test. This one’s in my good books.

Humpries: Your name sounds funny, but I don’t think you are for somebody who allows us to watch a lot of old movies. Yo sound like a guy who pretends to be happy, even if everyone just hates you. Back to reality for you, man.

Collins: Okay, first up, this guy sucks as a lecturer because he simply cannot explain how things are done. Even explaining the simplest thing on a Mac takes this guy a century and a half to figure it out. Do me and my friends a favour: give us text books because they’ll explain a lot better than you can, dude.

Trainor: I thought your last name was spelled Traitor, but alas, I was wrong. I wonder if we might pass your classes because of your infrequent needs to go to “meetings”. I shall put you under the label of “Needs Improvement”.

Frederica: See the entry I made for Mekleburg.

Radanovich: You are another awesome lecturer because you let us watch movies without taking much notes and plus you allow us to eat in class! Sweet!

If your name escapes the list, I will come back to you.

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