• The returning of me to College, with chaos and a whirlwind of Dandy/Gothic Fashion!
  • The Abiogenesis event on last Wednesday/Thursday where I took at least one picture, since I wasn’t in costume!
  • The two J-Dubs coming in my doorstep saying things that were obviously contradictory and about women and Their Place in the modern world where God supposedly still exists. Remember, I ranted about religion before and another sect of Christianity is no better than any other religion.
  • The Halls of the Worlds are back and in full swing! Hurrah!
  • The lecturer who is apparently a c*** who can’t tell the difference between an Emo and a Goth. Slap! That’s for being an idiot! Punch! That’s for pissing me off when it comes to your ignorance!

Anyway. That’s about it. Normal programming will resume shortly.

  1. Oh. My. God. I hate telling the difference between Goths and Emos. So many times I have done that…

    • thedesktop
    • February 12th, 2008

    I must confess that I also can’t tell between Emo and Goth (or Dandy- wtf? like the Scarlet Pimpernel?)

    You say that your lecturer is a c*** (I’m assuming this is your preferred spelling of the word) because they don’t know what a goth is.

    According to a simple web search, goths are, and I quote “There is no specific thing that defines what you need to do or be to fit into the goth scene.” If I believe my eyes, it appears that the goths themselves don’t know what a goth is.

    Therefore, using the transitive property, all goths are c***s.

    Of course, I jest. Plenty of goths can define themselves. The ones who can’t (the bitchy posers) are the real c***s.

  2. Once you’ll meet him, you will hate him, I promise you. Plus on the subculture side, other miniature groups are rife, so you all better start learning… The posing ones are the rude kiddies of whom we batcavers and elders lecture. It seems to be our duty these days.

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