Yesterday, I returned to college. The place hasn’t changed a bit from what it was apart from the big screen monitors making one collective monitor, which I ranted on about being a waste of space like those same screens at the Jull Street Mall with their adverts and nonsense. The place felt like something else to me, distorted and alien of which I reluctantly welcomed myself in. The only class I had was at the end of one hall and that was after I caught up with a friend (of whom I never remembered his name after so long). There was only one waiting and then a few more people of which I talked to out of boredom about anything that came into my mind. The lecturer himself said a few things to do with the film industry and how you need to be “creative” and be in two worlds: the world of sanity and breaking down into insanity. Then we were coaxed into listing American and Australian actors. This is when he started ranting about the greatness of Cate Blanchett to my annoyance that should be saved for a convention; not that she’s a bad actress or anything, but it was just that he kept going on about her. Yes, this is how all the people from my building is when it comes to things. They even have their own oddities about them. I’ll reveal them later on.

  1. So everyone loves Cate Blanchett? Maybe the college is really a shrine dedicated to her!

  2. I have no idea. There must a cult or something, like ones formed by the Otaku of Japan.

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