Icelandic Swanstress: BIG DAY OUT ’08

This first video shows her singing the first single from her latest album, Volta called Earth Intruders.

This one is the song Hunter, from the third album, Homogenic. The cameras here are both shaky though, but nonetheless, it is better than nothing.

  1. I thought she couldn’t sing because of her vocal chords?

  2. Vocal chords? Never heard of such a problem with her. Apparently, the Rage Against the Machine fans tried to boo her off, poor her!

  3. Vocal chords? VOCAL CHORDS?! That’s nuts. The best thing about Bjork is timbre of her voice. She is a freaked out high priestess of synthetic pan african/icelandic funk! I hope she makes twenty more albums and her voice never “improves”. I think she is a genius. Virgilius Sade, thank you for posting this. P.S. The camera is shaky, but I don’t care. She is better live.

  4. Since I didn’t end up going there anyway, I thought of the idea to post them here 🙂 Björk rocks my socks!

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