Strong reasons make strong actions.
William Shakespeare
Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 – 1616)

Today I went back to a certain Tertiary Institution to pay off some fees and apply for my new course when I thought it was held the day before, forcing me to wake up early and get ready in haste to walk to a nearby train station, fretting over the shortness of a mortal commodity of the Modern Age called Time. Today, I did the very same thing I did yesterday and got to the campus with a few minutes to spare but I panicked and fretted inside anyway because it was hitting 9:30, meaning that it could’ve ended. There was such an insane line starting from one end of a classroom down the hall I was supposed to go to the entrance, mostly comprising of the Cert III crowd and Cert IV lastly, forming the “tail” of the line with a few loafers here and there. I looked pale and nervous wondering if I should wait at the end of the line and looked at my watch. Knowing my good from evil, right and wrong, I thought: Nah, to Hell with it and shouldered and excuse me’d through the line like going through Gulai with half of the relatives staring, expecting me to run for water. There was also a couple whose female half was holding an enrolment sheet whilst juggling a baby in her arms with people around her making lame jokes about enrolling the baby instead of herself. I quickly moved into an empty space after the top half of the line started to make several move-ons. I thought the old guy at the door was going to push me away and jab his index finger at my chest (I envisioned this particular old guy living by himself in a caravan, sustaining himself with condensed milk and evaporated milk from a rusty spoon, whilst muttering about the wrongness of the youth) with iodine-yellow nails and shout close to my face to “Get back in line” or something. But he didn’t and settled by watching the other students like a bird turned stalker, hoping for carrion. I came into the room where this ultimately took place, worrying even more because of a forgotten form or other, but the lady at one of the computer desks were kind enough to explain and help me in my endeavour. I skipped over to the building across from the previous like a chicken daring enough to skip without doing Car Tapping Exercises and wait to be called looking at the assortment of sweets in the basket of which I nicked from as a reward whilst going out for my efforts.

  1. Ooh, I love grabbing free stuff.

    One time at the Easter Show, we were lining up to grab these free bags if you bought a showbag from their stall. You get three bags of free food and all that because the stall that was giving free bags was some food magazine.

    So anyway, my friend bought a showbag and we waited in line for the bags. My friend then said that we could probably trick them into thinking that I also bought a showbag. Anyway, we both waited in line, and lo and behold, I got some bags too!

    The lady that was giving out the bags asked, “Did you friend buy a showbag?” and my friend said that I did, though I think the lady wasn’t too convinced. Though we made off with it and ran.

  2. But since this is college, I’ll get more free stuff later 😛

    • romi41
    • January 27th, 2008

    “condensed milk and evaporated milk from a rusty spoon”…ewwww….gosh, have knack for imagery 😉

  3. I know! Shocking isn’t it?

  4. I remember going to the uni info days, and got shitloads of free stuff. Pens, highlighters, rulers, post-it notes, grocery shopping bags, a crapload of plastic bags. I may as well go there next year for my stationary shopping!

  5. One magazine called Grok “encourages” the stealing of drinks and things just so students could save more money at their campus.

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