Things to be Hated: EMBARASSMENTS

Things I hate that people do in public. Somewhat related to this post by the ever-lovable Sulz.

  1. Indecisive people: This always happens more than once in places like restaurants and clothing stores where some twat must decide whether this looks good on them or if they want to eat that. Well, here’s a hint: wear something that doesn’t make you look like a Bibendum/Michelin Man in fluoro colours with a glow stick shoved in your arse for effect and eat something that’s healthy for you too; that’s why humans invented salad dressing.
  2. Public Displays of Affection: There is a time and a place where you can snog all you like without looking like a porn star reject or looking like you’re engaging in “two-group cannibalism” ala the spider species.
  3. Burping/Farting out loud: This shows two things, one; you are still a child even though you resemble a man. Two; your mother obviously neglected you when it came to manners. Shame on the both of you beastly idiots.
  4. Taking Care of Your Kids: Being in the hospitality industry, I see a lot of Mums and Dads bring their kids to where I work to get my cash and must unfortunately serve them (See Number 1). The little tykes run around, scream and make a lot of noise and the parents resort to smacking them and telling them off which makes them scream even more and makes them cry, which shows how heartless the human race can be at times. Here’s yet another hint for those who want to be a Mummy or a Daddy when they get older: Get a pet dog or cat from the Shelter and then raise them, because if you cannot raise a pet, you should not have the right to rear a child, whether it is yours or your neighbour’s child. Full stop.

Okay, that’s enough. (During this post, the Author was listening to: Mutter (album) by Rammstein)

  1. awww, i like it when you get cantankerous sometimes too. :mrgreen: i’m pretty indecisive about food and clothes and i totally apologise for the inconvenience caused. i agree about the kids bit because i don’t like misbehaving ones too. i will never do pda or burp/fart out loudm though.

  2. I had a customer who changed three times over at one time and that annoyed me, after that came her impatience for the waiting of her meal which was something of a blood-for-blood, tit-for-tat thing I guess. But when it’s a drive through situation, these ladies can really hold up the line! I just stand there and think; Good gosh! How can your husband or boyfriend put up with this?. The most of them look a lot uglier when their impatience shows anyway. I’ve seen statues of Past Greats look better that way 😛

  3. 😆 Better never have kids then, because there is no such thing as a kid who behaves. It is in their nature to test the boundaries setup by adults. The older they get the more they test those limits. It is called growing up.

  4. Well, I am debating the pros and cons of having a child because of all this and smacking isn’t going to do much. It leaves them to wonder why they would want to be dropping progeny all over the place.

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