Late Things: GIFTS

Somehow related to this.

I got a card on Christmas day from a certain Somebody and the reason why I’ve opened it now is because I spend some time in the mirror-world during the festive season-week. The card involves a game where their is presents underneath a Christmas tree and it lets you X-ray the gift or shake it (nothing like being traditional!), revealing shapes like a sock, a beanie, snowman, a toy robot, a plate of food resembling a mountain and other stuff that I don’t remember. Anyway, it turns out to be a game with the most unconventional gifts: a nose warmer, a combination wrench and eggbeater machine, a multi-stuffing sampler, a snorkel, a mistle-toad, egg-nog air freshener and a fruitcake cone! The message after said:


Just want to take this opportunity during this festive season to say thanks for reading Bloggerdygook and hope we’ll enjoy more blogging exploits together in the future!

And a Happy New Year ahead to you!

Awww! So nice! I’ll send out the cards for New Years.

  1. I got a card on Christmas day from a certain Somebody

    haha you make me sound so… 😛

    okay i’ll be checking my inbox for it. jangan cakap tak serupa bikin. :mrgreen:

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