The Week of Grand Epileptic Fits: YULETIDE WEEK

Yes, I’ve been a bit slack this festive season, but with the Christmas shopping, the anticipation and stress that comes with it and the “obligation” of blogging, I’ll filling everybody in with what happened in more ways than one.

  • My sister, K_____ has begun her conversion from omnivore to herbivore with a bang, with others saying stuff about not eating right and not enough iron, etcetera.
  • This Christmas was the best in terms of presents, but not so with the food at Sizzlers (in last years’ case, it was the reverse). Plus the annoying kids at the restaurant and the crying babies and also the overly fake Santa and lack of support for neophyte vegetarians.
  • I got a piano keyboard and freaked out with immense joy.
  • I got a Doctor Who radio-controlled Dalek Battle Pack
  • Two Star Wars collectables; the Star Wars Vault and a Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy.
  • It has been ten years or so that I had last formally touched on a piano lesson, this time however, I am teaching myself.
  • The summer heat in Oz during Boxing Day was dead ridiculous.
  • Killer shifts at work doubly so.

That’s all for now, but if my memory returns, I’ll re-edit this and put more rant-wise fillers.

  1. Funny that, my mum bought a new piano just last week. It sounds so nice.

    Cool that you got some Star Wars collectables, post pictures of them. I’d love to see them.

  2. I have to do it by camera, since photocopying most of them will be impossible.

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