Changes in the Basket: ADAPTATION

Last week, the whole bunch of people that I knew decided to turn their ways of eating upside down and without warning,

just like Adrian Mole’s mother from Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole Diaries saying something to the protagonist and her husband about “The worm has turned.” or something. According to a dietary seminar, white bread is processed, which means it’s very bad for you because it acts like glue inside your body, therefore; White Bread + Eating + Digestion = Glue (also equals constipation), coffee, a substance that is liked by the majority of Earth’s population (namely, me) isn’t escaping this portent of doom either. It is relied upon by people who would like to stay awake, sip the drink and chit-chat, stimulate the brain (hence my reliance very time I write or blog, coffee being the unofficial muse) and being the major competitor of tea. Processed meat is shuffling on their package-edged feet on their way out and that includes things like crisps too. This is my second week and I am doing fine, but I miss my coffee since I am now relying on Nestle’s Caro, a coffee substitute that smells like dusty caramel and looks like dried and powered shit and tastes like burnt caramel with a slight after taste. It is reputed to be healthy because it is derived from grains and made with chicory as well. Looks like I’m being turned into a vegan.

  1. Your not gonna believe this. I have been dieting too. I gave up refined sugar and chocolate. Poor timing for some, but it seems to be working out. The holidays being here and all, seems to be motivating me more not less.

  2. i take coffee for toilet reasons. :mrgreen: so to me, coffee’s good!

    • thedesktop
    • December 21st, 2007

    As an American, the concept of dieting is foreign to me. I tried to look it up on, but I couldn’t spell it correctly.

    In all seriousness, avoiding white bread isn’t a diet, it’s just living in consternation.

  3. NOOOO not vegan! Anything but that. It’s like a horror movie.

  4. It’s actually a change in diet whereas my sister has gone to veganism and we’re now taking fish oil tablets.

    • romi41
    • December 28th, 2007

    You are my hero for trying out the “dusty shit” vs. coffee…I’ll drink twice the coffee just to honour you 😉

  5. Cheers!

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