Counting Down, Down: CHRISTMAS

Going shopping and having lunch with someone today, since I haven’t started with the presents just yet.

I’ve also changed the the theme accordingly. I just hope this Christmas will be a lot more… eventful than the last two, since we had the same sort of pancakes with brandy and berries. We’ll be spending Christmas this year at Sizzlers (hoping that they’ll have the initiative for turkey bacon and soy bacon or something). I’ll just have to put up with annoying little kids running around. Or the food running out.

  1. is the some the ‘special’ someone? 😉

    be careful what you wish for – eventful can mean a lot of things!

  2. geez, i keep writing things wrongly these days. the word ‘some’ above obviously mean ‘someone’.

    and good festive theme change. 🙂

  3. Everyone makes mistakes, but Administrators can correct them if needed, right?

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