Things to Look Out For: EYECATCHERS

What week it’s been! So good it’s worthy to have a look-see according to me. Here’s were your eyes should be right now:

  1. It first started as post about a blogger by the name of Joebec and her having to delete everything and the rest of us sending out consolations. Unfortunately, this idiot by the name of jerkoff yourself (whose name doesn’t even deserve to be capitalized, since he isn’t worth wasting such letters on the keyboard) had to spoil it all by saying: Who the fuck cares? Being angry does help, since I replied thus:  okay six people now. wow! out of how many that REALLY care besides you dumb fucks? oh yeah, SIX. I forgot. Sorry
    enjoy your little worlds. LOL
    . This indicates a few things: lack of proper English use (read: illiteracy), low intelligence, lack of internet/computer literacy (how… embarrassing!) and lack of knowledge of history for someone who likes surfing the Internet, downloading pornography (and thus the creation of “hand made” Jack Sauce and the possible origin of his name) and possibly a lack of a girlfriend and a job. I for one, am not a dumb fuck, unlike you, my lobotomised friend and neither are these commenters. So, why don’t you turn around and continue your overly obvious goal in life: downloading porn, leeching off your parents and making Jack Sauce, assuming that you know having a girl and a job would make you less of a loser. May the metaphysical entity called Karma come to you in the form of a woman (all females including mothers and grandmothers) and render your eyes out and chop your arms off for being such an insensitive tosser. Or let me do that for you with one of my decorative yet dangerous collection of Japanese swords in my possession (I am not joking, I own quite a few). Or maybe I’ll leave it to the Godly Entity that is The Desktop. Afterwards, I got congratulated thus: This is one of the most epic burns I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing about him you didn’t diss.
  2. This is actually a piano rendering of the song Seishoujo Ryouiki (Domain of Holy Girls) by ALI PROJECT done by some random fan, although I suspect it was for a piano-playing competition. I think someone should bring it under Arika’s attention. Pretty amazing. 
  3. Didn’t I tell you about my wonderful PSP?
  4. The Open Beta event of the Shadow of legend, one more sleep to go, yes!
  5. The Reaper coming soon to Australian shores. Er, I meant Australian telly.
  6. The recent release of ALI PROJECT: Grand Finale!
  7. S__ going to Japan in a few months time, lucky sod!
  8. Christmas shopping, moved to Wednesday.
  9. Christmas Day, at Sizzlers!
  10. Possibly the appearance of a Doctor Who Christmas Special.

  1. re no. 1, trolls are the bane of the blogosphere, really best to ignore them because it’s attention they’re seeking. deleting would be good. i don’t get the whole story though… why does your friend joebec have to delete everything because of the troll?

  2. This was actually about her “co-worker” dobbing in on her. We just went there to sympathize and rant because of that other guy, that’s all.

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