PSP and Other Things: A WEEK

The next best thing to a New Year’s Resolution, or something.

  • Got my PSP, greatest gift ever for both my Christmas (a bit early) and my birthday (that was really late).
  • Sarcasms from work. It is very rude if your just pointing out something and it makes you into nothing more than an idiot. I remember a literary great writing down that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
  • Thinking about what to give for that day, December 25th.
  • Friendship between me, K___ and I____ growing better and better and better-rer.
  • Seeing G____ looking not so smug with herself. Revenge! I tell you!
  • Finding out the tastiness that is vegetarianism last night.
  • Having a break from work. Phew!

I swear to get back to normal programming, but later.

  1. I want that Wii. At some place, they’re selling it for $399 with two free games. What a deal! But my mum won’t buy me it. 😦

    • thedesktop
    • December 15th, 2007

    You’d better not be becoming a vegetarian. Who will eat all those crocodiles?

    P.S., Wendy- get yourself a job and cherish it. I had a job once, but I was fired.

    Also, don’t yell at elderly customers. Just a tip.

  2. Well, I’ve read that Irwin walked out of a Chinese restaurant if it served shark’s fin, but the croc meat industry is small anyway and also, Bindi just isn’t ready to wrangle them as yet. I also don’t like the controls for the Wii that much, I mean… Come on! What is with it?

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