SOL’s Rebirth: BETA

Virgilius__! You’re invited to the launch of SOL Open Beta!

In Shadow of Legend Open Beta, the game has been redesigned, and new features have been added. Not only will registration be a jiffy, but you will get to experience (1) diverse differences among the races, (2) expanded maps and challenges, (3) fun activities throughout the course of the day, and last but not least (4) a criminal system under the PVP mode. Below, you will find short descriptions of these new features:

1. Differences among the races include differences in their skills. Two types of skills will be given to each race, and each skill can be strengthened to higher levels the more you work on them.

2. Expanded maps and challenges will make the world of Agnes vaster than it was before. The Monstrous Rest, the Abundant Forest, and the Terrified Swamp are new areas that are waiting to be explored, and their inhabitants are waiting to be discovered.

3. We_ve already given you a taste of new activities to come with the Mushroom Cultivating event. Now, there will be even more activities, which will be just as fun and exciting, such as the Sand Beach Tortoise and the Magic Box.

4. The criminal system under the PVP mode is going to cause a lot of trouble and a whole lot of fun. Trouble and fun are two dangerous ingredients that will result in_ God knows what. This time, players in your camp will have the ability to injure, and even kill you. No one from your camp can be trusted, especially if they_ve been bribed or coerced into traitorous actions. Yet, as you will find out, bad deeds will not go unpunished, and it will be up to your camp to exact justice.

To end your 2007 year in a bang, we at SmartCell Technology, would like to invite YOU, your friends, and your family to experience Shadow of Legend Open Beta. We hope that by experiencing the new design and the new features of the Open Beta version that you can get a good idea and a sweet taste of things to come. Do enjoy it, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2008. Happy Holidays from SmartCell. – From the guys of SmartCell and SOL

Wow. That’s quite a lot of features for The Shadow of Legend of which I am definitely a part of since day one. I just hope this wonderful game gets more players since their implementing more features and what not. My PC just got himself a horse last week which makes travelling a breeze for him and for his part-time leather business (not the kinky kind) in-game. Anyway, this is the greatest news I’ve heard, but will there be more language servers apart from the English and Chinese? Hmm…

    • thedesktop
    • December 13th, 2007

    In the words of Napoleon Dynamite- “lucky…”

  1. I know! Just hope that they’ll implement the use of custom hairstyles, since the clothing is through craft work ;P

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