Fears, Mangoes and Payoffs: TUESDAY

Tuesday, the second day in the working/school week. Tuesday, named after the Norse god Tyr who only had one arm and ruled over single combat (one armed combat or single sword combat?) and heroism, the kind of god that went around with only one arm and still be willing to fight. Contrary to say, mentally that day, I ran like hell. I wonder, is it possible for every Asian household to run from the inescapably delicious horde that is the mango since the potency of that stuff is akin to Weed. Yes, vampire mangoes have attacked my house and I believe in them like I do Shadow People. Again, I ventured into Perth to pay some of my lay-byed PSP off, but before that, I was in the middle of nowhere, better known as Leederville. Now step back and read the name slowly, Dalek-style. Lee-der-ville. The name summons up a country-town from the Wild West, complete with tumbleweed, unlike the name Joondalup which was probably spouted by a drunk who really liked V.B, Emu Bitter or the new stuff they all guzzle these days, sprouting from a “fashion show”; Pure Blonde with this ridiculous advert:

and everybody thought the rest of us guzzled Fosters. Preposterous! Leederville is like a Little Subiaco (but the Subiaco or Subi as we call it, exists here too. The actual Subi) with their shops and Kailis Brothers seafood and their lunch bars of which my sister (damn it!) dragged me to because of an impending job interview whose building swarms with the sort of people I dislike: Business With Killer Suitcases and Government Agents (read: lackeys). On the way to the bridge linking the station to the town, I had one of my “episodes” halfway past the bridge. Let me read it out to you; I am afraid of heights and being me, I panicked while my sister said things like, “Don’t worry, you’re safe with me here.”, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”, etc. Heights have a way of scaring me to death, I tell you. I noticed in the reception area that there is red piping for the cooling systems (very noticeable things, mind you) and that one end was just floating there with no place to go. Now that’s bad design for you. I was quite glad to be on the ground instead of in the air and in the city to pay the console off. Hopefully I’ll get it next week and dread the day when everyone wants to take me skydiving.

  1. I’m afraid of heights too. At the Easter Show, I went onto the Ferris Wheel with my friends. So they had to get everyone on board and once we were at the peak of the Ferris Wheel, I had to head in my hands screaming, “AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHH!” and we also had two other people in there. I think I felt more sorry for them than me.

    • thedesktop
    • December 5th, 2007

    Au contraire, you should go skydiving to face your fears. You’ll know that once you finish diving, you could take on any bridge you met. Plus, what’s the worst that could happen, besides getting the anvil storage backpack instead of the parachute. If you do it, I’ll think you’re cool.

  2. I know! Maybe for my next Birthday 😛

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