Blindfolded, Restrained, Gagged: BLOCKED MINDS

Why is it when it comes to the the dreadfully talked about juggernaut called Hospitality that the people working within is are treated like absolute shit? Yesterday, I had to deal with customers of the same gender and chances were that they were too picky and impatient and they seem to speak with a I am-higher-than-you sounding voice every time they open their mouths. If I was not bound to this silly thing called protocol, I would’ve spoken to them in the anger-filled, arrogant tone that they’ve tried to pull on me and burned them to the ground afterwards. Proof to this lies a few years back, when the only people I could trust were S_____, K_____ and B_________:

  • I was starting my first year and on the train comes A______, it was obvious to the passengers that I did not like him at all, but he kept on trying to say so by talking to me.
  • Throughout the years, all I could really feel was hatred for ninety-nine percent of the people who pass me or talk to me because frankly, I just couldn’t trust them since they didn’t take me seriously when I was talking. If I mention you (name, blog, whatever.) It means the opposite of this. You should be lucky!

I felt even more restrained by the pure fact that at heart, I can’t help but be good and forgiving at the end of the day like nothing ever happened. So, what am I to do I wonder?

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