From Here to There: DANGERWHEEL

Last Friday, I decided to embark on a journey to the city. To my utter disbelief however, the local railway was down for maintainence, so I had no choice but to take the bus and was given a free ride for my troubles and so was everyone else.The bus was soon enough crowded. What with people even leaving things like prams behind and wheelchairs that they seem to forget until the last moment when the vehicle drove. This bus was no longer a bus; it was a sardine can on wheels capable of driving through runabouts in order to fill it’s one and only destiny: to get to the other bus stations which is linked to the train station (or as the Traino, as the locals call it). I was quite lucky to even get a seat to myself! By the time I did land in the city, I was feeling hungry and annoyed at the fact that TransPerth mucked up and didn’t tell us a thing about this. I decided just to have take-away sushi, despite not getting a nice cut of meat at the end; I had to stop myself from gagging because of feeling the fat on my tongue, ugh! Anyway, we stopped at EB Games (the place with the most range) and I asked for the PSP console I wished to lay-by (the Star Wars one with the silkscreen print) that I remembered seeing on their site and so, I explained to the shaggy-haired gentleman at the counter whose eyes were… shall we say, unfocused. His only reaction to my questioning was “Awuh?” the sort of noise/word you would find coming from a Neanderthal’s lips after an elder asks him to go hunting after he finds out that there’s no more fire to help him in his endeavour.  I was in a bad mood as it is, leaving for the next destination: Game Traders. Now, let me tell you something about this particular place; it might have a smaller range and bears the “embarrassment” of selling retro consoles, but the service is a well-deserved ten out of ten, thanks to it’s well-known resident, T_____. The one who convinced me to get the more updated PSP instead of the older version. I then went home on the same bus, only that this time it was crowded and I was the last one on board and their was a new driver who kept on complaining about how kids ended up urinating in the seats (of which he blocked using a broom and a roll of what I guessed was toilet paper). The new driver was a foreigner who understood only a smattering of English and was capable of making very sharp turns without any remorse; I was fearing for my life after the bus was close to clipping a heavy-duty vehicle carrying several cars and a truck on the same road! I happened to be sitting next to a lady who was clearly taking up too much space with the rest of the passengers packed up like an uncomfortable bunch of crying, noisy road-trippers with their mobile phone volumes set on high (or eleven, in obvious reference to This is Spinal Tap). But, I should be grateful that I lay-byed, thanks to T_____, got lunch and got a free ride home in a world where everything is taken for granted because it’s just there.

  1. That’s why buses are evil. I haven’t really come across a train where there’s someone hogging up the whole seat. I hate sitting next to people on buses with loud breathing. That’s perhaps the most annoying.

    EB is pretty good, but the one I go to has horrible service. Like, there was one guy behind the counter during the most busiest time on Saturday. I was just wondering where the other guy was. You would think they would know that Saturday is the busiest day during the weekend. And the fact that they only have two workers as well… I never see a third person working there.

  2. Maybe they only cater certain types of people: Hardcore Gamers Who Leech Off Parents, Hardcore Gamers With No Girlfriends and Hardcore Gamers With No Intelligence. Did I mention Hardcore Gamers? But anyway, I am not going to EB ever again after what happened. Game Traders, all the way for me! 😀

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