The Flickings of a Switch: THEMOODS

Hello there, Dear Reader,

I have received the most odd of correspondences this morning and I assure you, that it is nothing to do with my birthday which was a couple of days past.

Doing the regular ritual of checking one’s email before a tea or coffee with milk and two sugars, I stumbled across the said odd letter, sent to a dear friend of mine from another country, like mine, girt by sea. It read thus:

Sending you a virtual kiss!

Hello my wonderful friend!

Just want to tell you I love you! and thank you for reading Bloggerdygook, it’s means so much to me! and remember that you’re special to me!

The bear’s not as cute as I am, but he’ll do, haha!

P.S:  If you’re wondering what the hell is up with me, read my latest post!  – From here.

At first I thought it was one of those dreaded messages that say of a blog closing down due to being unable to pay for hosting fees, lack of updates, readership, thinking that the blog is unorganised, lame, quantity over quality, vice-versa, moving to a new place, etcetera. But no, It was one of those moods we get, the feeling of being supremely happy despite all that the events of the year (and the people and situations within it) have chucked at our faces like overeager mudslingers. The feeling of energy charge that comes with the end of constant metanoia, death, rebirth and the attempt before it; repair. During clinical depression, a patient is said to have feelings of a similar manner and nature, except that it closely borders to mania due to serotonin levels within the brain. She now reports the feeling of a hangover, poor thing. I remembered when I drank five drinks during C______ L____’s party and ended up stumbling like an elephant around the room, making a very conscious effort to walk or run around his house, during the time when his friend P______ was more smashed then I was and in a rosebush, of all places, ha, ha, ha! We were all getting him to drink water, convincing him that it was vodka!

  1. am feeling a bit better after eating the leftover from yesterday i couldn’t finish because of the caffeine overdose. cold, fresh-from-the-fridge mcdonald’s country grilled chicken burger, yum.

  2. Subway subs are not recommended for the above action; they get soggy pretty fast 🙂

  3. It sounds like things are looking up for you. BTW-happy birthday.

  4. Thank you! 😀 Rather late, but who cares?

  1. December 29th, 2007

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