In response to this.

In Oz during the selling of the much-loved BLT with Garlic Mayonnaise which everyone thinks are still on sale, they advertised it on radio and the television as follows with the following jingle:

Bacon, bacon, bacon
Everybody loves bacon
Bacon, bacon, bacon
at McDonalds we’re busy makin’ – The BLT Jingle

But thanks to Abarclay, I’ll have to change it to this:

Ganja, ganja, ganja
Everybody loves Ganja
Ganja, ganja, ganja
at McStoner’s we’re busy smokin’ – The New And Improved Jingle

Now in America, they show the calories in the amount of Maccas fast food to make the customers choose better and healthier fare as said on 7’s Sunrise this morning, prompting the Maccas in Oz to do the same to combat childhood obesity. But I figured that the salad wouldn’t be really healthy because of the dressings, particularly the more creamier ones, like the Ranch and Avocado ones. Unless it is “Light” or “Fat-free” which not does hold true all the time.

  1. I don’t know why McDonalds thinks this is going to work. It’s common knowledge that fast food restaurants are high in bad fat. The reason why people keep coming back to it is because it tastes good.

  2. Just like some Asian foods and MSG (not in our cooking because of the mass headaches it produces!) in the fast food these days.

  3. Ha ha ha. I love it. If McDonalds actually uses this new ganja slogan, they’d get the stoner crowd coming in in droves. Great call. High Times could partner up with McD’s to provide some sort of toy for the happy meals too.

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