It makes us lesser than our enemies. We must return to the flesh, and also the heart. – Dalek Sec (hybrid), Doctor Who Episode #5: “Evolution of the Daleks”

The end of year approaches swiftly like the beginning of a storm with a definite, but far off end. I feel somewhat elated for the fact that rebirth as always, is just around the corner. I wonder if the Earth as an organism feels the same way as well every few centuries or two. Yes, I’m in “one of those” moods again because of what has happened in the past few months.

  • My friend, M______ N__ has left for the Eastern States during Easter, without saying goodbye.
  • I decided that it was time that I saw a P___________ and “unpuzzle” myself.
  • Excessive spendings, huzzah!
  • Met several people that I do get along with at work.
  • Singing talent unveiled
  • Brother of said friend in Eastern States now has a car after all these years! Go M___!
  • Book collection growing like a healthy tree.
  • Same goes for music.
  • Blog gaining readership.
  • Got to go on holiday.

That’s all I can list. Time to watch the rain and leaves fall down all over again. Not to mention drunk people too.

  1. Blog gaining readership.

    will gain even more if you tell things like what you do and how old are you. better still, put picture! :mrgreen:

  2. But I’ve already said what I do in here; just read through the whole thing again and then you will receive (possible) answers! 😛

  3. meh, tak boleh cakap bulat-bulat ke? suruh pembaca main teka-teki macam tu! hmph! 😛

  4. Saya tau; Saya susah sangat. I can’t go around giving away answers; it’s just not easy for me! 😀

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