Generational Gap: CULTURE-VULTURE

Now, this is the most stupidest thing ever when it comes to fashion: Low-slung jeans, worn loose to show a guy’s underpants.

Low-slung jeans which expose underwear should be outlawed because the fashion trend intimidates elderly people and highlights a lack of respect for decency, anti-crime groups say. – from The West.

Even stupider, I think. A bad impression, they say? Depends on the person and plus there is no such thing as a Gangster culture here, unless they’re talking about Bikies. Most people wear jeans in the style because of the semi-prevalent Hip-Hop culture within the youth demographic, just like Emo youths and skinny/tight jeans. Well, it’s better than a person wandering around topless or naked and streaking.

Heeding their calls, the State Opposition says it intends to introduce a Bill in Parliament next year to target people who wear clothing with obscene messages.

So, if it is something funny and harmless like 3 Steps on How to Annoy a Security Guard, they’ll ban them too? Talk about soft-shelled cry babies. Let me guess, in the future they will also ban unnaturally coloured hair too? What a joke! So for everything criminal that happens around Oz, you idiots will blame terrorism and teens for everything because it seems that they are a cause of your many problems? Oh, you’re nice! I can imagine them making same-coloured and patterned clothes for future kids and targeting subcultures because of pre-conceived notions and stereotypes. Nobody needs to be fined for fashion sense. Everyone needs space for expression, and for them, clothing, hair colour, tattoos and piercings are the only way.

    • WendySkeleton
    • November 11th, 2007

    The next thing you know, they’ll be banning certain life styles too; oh noes! The government don’t know anything about the people.

  1. We’ll all be businessmen with drab suits and disgustingly striped ties. Ugh. Don’t forget the killer briefcases.

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