It is very difficult to live among people you love and hold back from offering them advice.
Anne Tyler, Celestial Navigation, 1974
US novelist (1941 – )

How can I say this without going into nothing aimlessly or pure hubris? After being appointed as someone else’s guardian after what has happened a few days ago, it seems that I am now conflicted between abandoning duty and keeping someone else’s promise. What is a person to do? She is obviously unwell and knows it, but simply refuses help because that is the way she is. I am also forced to cut out being the detached, alien observer, now forced to pick between the ones I trust and the ones who are right in their words when it comes to the nasty turns in a maze called life. I have just found out the recent news of a friend getting dragged into this mess, even though his involvement was minor in the least. This storm will never come, nor will it blow over.

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