The Travels of the Foreigner: HILANG DAN HABIS-LAH!(PT IV-2)

Thursday/Friday: (continued from here) After that and wanting to look at the last store (a hobby store), we all went to M_____ Square (I forgot the name of what the M stood for, I’ll be looking it up shortly)

to look around, plus I started suffering from a blister. It was funny how something as measly looking as a blister almost spoiled everything for me. We all just looked around in that place and went to the nearest book store, MPH to peruse and walk around in circles. All in all, shopping centres back there sprout as regularly as trees, even in my hometown, where the green buildings containing small stalls are wiped out, along with the trees and plants behind it to make way for a local Giant hypermarket.

  1. betul betul mat salleh lah you. it’s hypermarket, not superstore. 😉

  2. Alamak! Kamu nak correction, ke? Susah-lah ni! 😛

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