The Travels of the Foreigner: HILANG DAN HABIS-LAH!(PT IV-1)

Thursday: shopping at Angsana, the place of childhood where I brought a pet hamster and at another time, managed to get my tamagotchi (the first ever that came out) stolen during a family dinner at a food court next to video game arcade.

The place has changed by a heap. I was just… lost because there is not a shred of warm familiarity left. There is now a place where patrons can park outside rather than in the building (the parking space which is several storeys high, the one I always loathed being in), the food court and arcade is no more and take-away focusing on more local cuisine (think, kuih and a different twist on the much-loved ais kacang) is there instead, besides more recognised places like McDonalds and KFC. So, here we went, shopping for clothing and shoes which pained me a lot since I liked lots of black and wore things that were more suited for a poet (think “Dandy”) and liked more of a balance with my sense of fashion. I’m just such a fuss with things like this! I just felt harassed by the whole ordeal and wished I was at a place that was more definite, like a bookstore or a hobbyshop. My sense of direction didn’t help either! I am a complete Ardvark (read: do not, under any circumstances, trust me with a map or acting as a personal chauffeur).

  1. did you manage to drop by kl during your raya visit home? 🙂 i bet you’re happy to be back home after visiting.

  2. KL? Tak-lah! Kita pergi ke tempat-tempat di dalam JB saja 🙂 My relatives live in KL and we’ve started to compare it to Sydney 😛 (Baca: teruk!)

  3. VS – I had a tamagotchi too. I loved it, and it died when my brother smashed it.

  4. Ouch! One of my relatives from KL had his, but ended up losing it in the bathroom! Poor guy 😦

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