If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.
George Bernard Shaw
Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 – 1950)

The time of voting for either “the better of two evils” or “the better of two idiots” or The Election is coming up our collective Down Under backsides soon enough, and that gives me, Dear, Gentle Reader, some room to say a few select words on another thing that concerns me. If we have so great a booming economy thanks to Howard, then why are there still kids on the streets, without homes or families to look after them? The Sunday Times states that it is due to a lack of funding (what a joke!) and room and also there is manpower to consider. Well, it’s weird, since we have a booming economy and our currency is quite strong, compared to Asian countries like Malaysia and it’s neighbour, Singapore, that something as easy to fix like this is happening in a country that supports a mentality of “Fair Go” for everyone, even those who are immigrants. Are the politicians still busy slacking off, giving excuses or filling their pockets? Is it A? is it B? or C? No, it is all three! Most people on the street (less than ten) do get support, but in return, they must observe to the strict rules such as restricted phone calls, no e-mails or computers and no alcohol. So that leaves me with a question: Will this crisis advert itself as soon as possible before it gets too out of hand than it already is? Or is everyone still fussing about the Dullsville revamp, unfortunately stinking of “The Is For The Rich Kids”? There’s another thing to write for both the To Do Lists of Howard and Rudd in Big, Bold Letters. In Black Capitals with a Sanford King Size Permanent Marker or one of those Artline 170 pens to make it a more permanent reminder of what chores needs to be done.

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