Stupidity in the Modern World: ANGER RISING

When anger rises, think of the consequences.
Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC – 479 BC)

Yesterday, I remembered something from work that made me proud of myself once more as I triumphed over two things called anger and stupidity. Two customers, both of them old stands there after I have finished with my first order with another and served it off. The male of the couple with a loud I-Can’t-Seem-To-Control-My-Own-Tone orders a Cappuccino and a orange and poppy seed muffin. Turns out there was none stocked in the cabinet where we normally put them and at the back either (the store room). So I had to bear the brunt of immediately hanging myself in the guillotine thus:

“Excuse me, I asked for an orange and poppyseed muffin, not a blueberry muffin.” He was pointing at the bag quite viciously while his wife stood there just watching, zoned out of her mind. So I responded by saying, “We’re actually out of the orange muffins at the moment.” I grounded my feet, preparing for the storm as he sai raising his tone to one level upward. “Then why did you give me these muffins?” Seeing that he was belittling me, I stepped up to the challenge and replied, knowing that words are better than any other sword in this day and age. “Look, there are simply none of these muffins stocked at the moment.” I answered, my tone measured, without the swearing words of my peers. He did the same again knowing brutish such a man is. “Don’t you talk like that to me!” He actually gathered the stuff up and left! Even though there was none that he was looking for. Strange enough. Well, it was his fault for not looking at the display cabinet forthwith before picking, but then it could be this man’s eyesight failing him, seeing how close he was to me. Again, I was victorious for another day despite shortcomings it seems.

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