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Thanks for the recent tagging, courtesy of Daddy Dan.

1. I like spicy food, which came from being introduced to it at the young age of ten, eating it up and getting used to it as time went by and trying different curries and studying things such as colour, appeal, texture, taste and heat. My absolute favourites are Vindaloo Curry and Gulai.

2. I like trying anything that is foreign such as eel, sea snails or frogs legs and that goes for drinks too. My favourites are Sangaria (made by the Japanese company of the same name), Calpis Water, Milkis (a fizzy version of Calpis Water made by the Korean drinks manufacturing arm of Japanese company, Lotte) and Lamune.

3. I collect a lot of strange things like toys, figurines and books and Japanese game and animation soundtracks and albums as well. I’d also like to actually muck around with them and not just leave it for display.

4. I dye my hair in wild colours quite frequently; colours I had in the past were: dark blue, green and purple.

5. I can change my voice by doing a little voice-acting, producing a near-perfect Stitch or Jar-Jar Binks and other voices as well.

6. In the workplace, I am a well-known warbler, singing songs by Zeromancer, Björk and Goldfrapp.

  1. I like spicy food, too! Just about everything—Thai, Mexican, Korean, you name it, I love it!

  2. Very interesting! No pictures? I’ve never heard of Zeromancer or Goldfrapp. Are they Australian?

  3. @ Valley Girl: Have you tried Kimchi too? It’s quite nice with Bulgogi and rice.
    @ Daddy Dan: Pictures of the respective groups can be found on Google or Wikipedia; my scanner isn’t working right now 😦 and to answer your question, Goldfrapp (comprising of vocalist/lyricist Allison Goldfrapp and composer Will Gregory) is from Bath, England while Zeromancer (Kim Ljung, Norath Ronthi and Erik Ljunggren, headed by vocalist/lyricist Alex Møklebust) is from Norway.

  4. What other songs do you sing through the office? I really like Goldfrapp but I have never heard of Zeromancer. What album would you recommend?

  5. Marilyn Manson and ALI PROJECT (the second band consisting of Takarano Arika and Katakura Mikiya, hailing from Japan) are next bunch of bands/people and Idiot Pilot.

    • K
    • October 27th, 2007

    “I can change my voice by doing a little voice-acting, producing a near-perfect Stitch or Jar-Jar Binks and other voices as well.”

    Now I’m curious with your talent. I usually try to mock at how Japanese talk, with the “r” letters in every words I say, funny to me but to some, it’s irritating. 🙂

    Nice knowing a littler “weirdness” about you.

  6. People find it absolutely amusing when I go to Voice Acting Mode 🙂 It just breaks the ice at work after the stormy departure of a customer 😀

  7. I love that you can do jar-jar binks.

  8. Everybody does. They keep on asking me how to it, but I’m really bad at explaining things! 😛

    • romi41
    • October 29th, 2007

    You are my food-tasting hero, as I am SO afraid to try anything unfamiliar (seriously me=pansy-ass taste buds)…and hey…lovvveee Goldfrapp 🙂

  9. Well, I do have a penchant for choosing good cuisine from the entire menu 😛

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