Varekai Circus: RAIN ONE

As oceans collide
from the moon
‘cross the sun
I’m wasting my breath
As we lay for a while

Silence of the sound
and the colour of the mind
and sound from the thought
from the dark to the light

The way we’re sinking
and melt into the light
and nothing that stays
heaven goes and take flight (feeling high…)
(Falling down… the earth…)

Silence of the sound
and the colour of the mind
and the sound from the thought
and the thought from the light
(The fall of an angel…)

  1. This poem is philosophically sensual. I don’t know if the sensual quality is intended, but it works. BTW-what is verakai circus?

  2. Well, for one thing, this isn’t mine; I just transcribed the lyrics of this song (titled Rain One) by ear, from the soundtrack of Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai.

  3. Thank you. I often wonder if the director or cast actually know the creation has a life of it’s own. Excellent show.

    • Binz
    • November 3rd, 2009

    What I really want is the first part… the part that has the guy talking in English and the girl talking in… French (I think??).

    You can see… the fall…..
    You’re feeling higher…..”

    etc… I don’t know all of the English, and I can’t get any of the [French] (?)…

  4. Yes, it is in French, but I don’t known any French, so transcribing by ear might produce more errors than answers, I’m afraid.

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