INTRODUCTION, n. A social ceremony invented by the devil for the gratification of his servants and the plaguing of his enemies. – Ambrose Bierce (1842 – 1914), The Devil’s Dictionary

Fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.
Shirley MacLaine (1934 – )

I had the most weird and yet profound experience of my life one day, upon a Thursday, the day that signals of rest, before the hellish task of weekend work began. I was walking on my lonesome down the street, realizing that no one will pick me up due to a loss of phone credits and an extreme impatience for a mere bus. So I walked instead, enjoying the random thoughts, the solitude… Until I happened upon a group ahead of me trying to pick a fight on a stranger, like myself, upon his lonesome, with a can of drink for company instead of Lady Misery or Sir Silence. But why would a group of people pick a fight on someone who was obviously of the same flesh and skin? Now here’s the problem; alcohol and intolerance is a dangerous mix. What with this creatures walking out in twilight. Anyway, this one stranger spotted me on-sight since I was one who asked if “Everything was alright.”, of which he answered, “Yeah.” It turns out that his younger peers get a kick out of starting things like this. Me and the stranger walked, side by side, talking about things like disrespect and the problems of our country. Well personally, I was quite afraid, since the person I walked with belonged to a group whose exploits were… unsavoury to the public, despite having ties with the earth. He said it was alright, since he guessed how I felt. When we parted, that was when I was wished for the company of other strangers or even better, of home.

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