The Travels of the Foreigner: HILANG DAN HABIS-LAH!(PT III)

Wednesday: A trip to Batu Pahat.

Again, we did the same as Tuesday and went with two cars instead of one and thanks to Uncle O_’s lack of direction and also our driver, we almost missed it twice. Anyway that’s where my cousin, N____ lives and I remember that she went to the Land of Oz once for something major. Anyway the place is rustic; a true kampung house to the Nth Degree, minus the chickens clucking and the absence of truly modern technology; I heard that her mother wanted a computer during a conversation when we had Gulai  (one of my favourites!) for lunch complete with Ikan Goreng and egg. I got a bit annoyed because my cousin E__ decided to annoy the sleeping baby, whose name is very long, even I can’t remember it. I impressed my Aunt with my grasp of Malay, even if it has been nine years since I spoke it so fluently. I remembered her asking: “Kamu faham Melayu tak?” of which I answered, “Sikit-sikit saja.”. Anyway, this is when we did the whole thing that we have been doing since the trip; taking pictures of places, family members and food and cakes. Then it was announced that Uncle Z__ and his family were taking leave, so we stayed with them until they left. Again, I felt a twinge of regret of seeing them leave, since I knew that it would be a couple more years before I see them ever again. The familiar feeling of being outcasted was again present, but not as worse as when I first came down to J.B, yearning of the familiarity of my room, of The Lump and of Dad cracking random jokes. Everybody commented on the looking of my hair that day too, with my cousin wanting a similarly nice hair colour, which is impossible to attain if one does not peroxide one’s own strands of hair.

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