The Travels of the Foreigner: HILANG DAN HABIS-LAH!(PT II)

Tuesday: Same thing again.

Only this we all visited the hometown where I spent the majority of my childhood, Kulai. Everything has changed yet again for me and the surroundings of this nostalgic place: the small stall at the top of the hill near the entrance of the school that stood facing my grandmother’s house is for the lack of the better word, non-existent, the rambutan tree at the house of my babysitter and the two benches that it was under is gone, replaced by what they take as a place to park their car. Funny, since I never knew of them owning a car, only a motorbike. I remembered that Mak S__ greeted me the same way like last time: with a lot of warmth and “Tengok dia… dah besar dah!” Her house had a big makeover, like all the others, but in a very nice blue. She said that her son, S______, was out on the motorbike, so I couldn’t see nor talk to him. The other houses that I went to had the same makeover, only in different colours and plus the house of the much disliked S_____, son of Cik P__, is empty. The news is that apparently her house got broken in. It is true; her house looked more decrepit than I have ever seen it. It’s really sad how time changes things, especially places that link to your past.

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