Robin #7: POEM

This one’s for you, Mai.

Poem, by Yoko Kanno and Gabriela Robin, Ragnarok 2 Online O.S.T.

Teeponi yehulanya
layanlayan lanalanya
la-la layanya lanlayaroua-ha

Lara-lara lanberhn
La-la, la-la la-lanya

Hee-yaa lanya
Hee-yaa lanvii (hee-yer-tii…)
Hee-yer-tii yahaa…
Hee-yaa lanvii…
Hee-yaa yahaa… (nohaha, tiiren…)
Hee-yaa lanya
Hee-yaa lanvii

Heyonlayani lanya
Layanrayan layan, layan
Layanlalayan la-la dinan

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