The Travels of the Foreigner: HILANG DAN HABIS-LAH!(PREFACE)

Okay, so I should have posted this as soon as possible, but traveling by air does horrible things, not to mention the kids in the plane making a racket on the way back.

As soon as I not only smelled the humid, hang-on-to-something stench and felt the heatwave on me like a personal forcefield at the time of 1:00 AM, I knew I was in Malaysia, with the reckless offensive driving, the habit of adding -lah! to your sentences or the ever pervasive “Makan! Makan!” or the well-known fruit-cum-biological weapon with it’s two groups of lovers and haters; the Durian. I will blog this adventure of mine in segments for your enjoyment. Kalau kamu tidak faham Bahasa Melayu, itu okay juga/If you don’t understand Malay, that is okay too.

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