Advent of the Dark: MANSON

Since I am going to be holidaying for week, I’ll just do the highlights of the Marilyn Manson concert in Challenge Stadium in point-form.

  • Dressed up accordingly only to have the kiddies look at us, which is strange because we were a lot “heavier” in dress then they were
  • The policeman giving us directions thinking that I was an alien
  • Eating and sharing a 6-inch Subway sub and getting a few bites out of it
  • Meeting up with random people/concert-goers to wait for the shuttle from Subiaco station to the concert venue
  • Seeing the line for the merchandise and Mosh-Pit
  • Seeing how many were dressed up accordingly
  • The lame-arse opening headliner that was The Spazzys, who got boo-ed off stage by fans waiting for Manson (and chanting Manson, Manson, Manson!!)
  • The cheer of the said waiting crowd when the curtains when down, of the known MM symbol, plus smoke-machine overdose
  • The ultra-skin-and-bones lady wearing a ridiculously skimpy black and red mesh number trying to get attention like a wannabe stripper. Listen, my dear, you do not look glamorous at all. You look like a skinny diseased whore with a plank for a body
  • The three guys at the front of us getting into a disagreement to do with said woman and wanting her to show off (non-existent) breasts
  • The girl sitting on my near-left complaining, bitching, moaning, pretending to tear off her dark short hair in clumps occasionally and shifting seating positions, over and over and over
  • The lady sitting at my sister’s side of the stadium seating but at the bottom row, shouting forThe Spazzys to “Get off the f***ing stage!” and “We want Manson!!”, etc.Sure, The Spazzys suck, but being polite is a rare commodity which you, my dear, do not have. By the way, all that black and mass makes you look like a killer whale minus the white coloring and the blowhole. Unless the blowhole is your yap, but it seems your arsehole is a lot bigger
  • Out comes Manson, singing us songs such as If I Was Your Vampire, A Carcrash Away, Tainted Love, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Torniquet, Mobscene, The Fight Song, Rock Is Dead, Mister Superstar, The Reflecting God, The Dope Show, Lunchbox, The Beautiful People
  • Manson muttering something on the lines of, “Mother f***er Perth, Mother f***er.”
  • Us two moshing without a care in the world
  • Having ice-cream in the stadium
  • Chatting to randoms
  • Finding out two (or was it three?) concert-goers live at K________ like we do
  • Getting a free bus-ride back to Perth Station
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