Vast Improvements, Inc: POTENTIALITIES

Well, remember how I reviewed a list of games the other time here? Here’s a list that will satisfy hardcore roleplayers, but some may require others to play.

They are:

The Fold: A horror/Fantasy Persistant World for Neverwinter Nights 2 which closed down their servers for the original Neverwinter Nights campaign to move to the sequel of the series. Looks promising by the fact that you get to play “in character” since it is strongly encouraged and you get to “blog” about your PC’s experience within the land of The Fold!

Planeshift: An ongoing project currently in it’s Pre-Alpha stage of development in the Free-to-Play category. This MMO encourages roleplay as well and has a diverse community within the forums. Various distributions of Linux operating systems are supported as well which is a plus for someone like myself.

There is more to come in this section, but if you have a suggestion that fits within the category of MMO’s and RPs, then let’s hear you out in the comments section 🙂

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