There’s always a chance that there is a few people wanting to be a drama queen or king to get my attention (maybe because I attract odd ones like myself) and so I decided to like them on the offensive and wondering since because of a “friend’s”  (supposed) dual nationality and asked up-front with no shame whatsoever: “Are you… adopted?” Then Little Miss B**** decided (Oh wow!) to defend him by turning around and saying to me in her usual way, “That’s rude! What if you got asked if you were adopted?” Which is funny because like dramas and sitcoms on TV that real-life is “based-on”, we as guardians are supposed to tell the truth later when He/She is old enough in life to understand what it means when someone tells you that You’re Adopted. So, can any of you answer me this since it is a dilemma: is it considered rude if you ask someone if they’re adopted?

  1. I wouldn’t think it rude. Most of us WISH we were adopted anyway. Although, my girlfriend is Korean and gets offended every time someone says “Are you Japanese?”

    Guess rule number 6 applies: Don’t ask questions.

  2. Guess some people are like eggshells when it comes to answering questions like these; they just break… very easily

  1. October 9th, 2007

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