The Honest Opinion: BRANDNAME

Hmmm…. How could I start? I was dragged by a friend to a shop I have only been in one or two times in my life. Mike, I remember, is very, very fond of that surf shop called City Beach in the city, which I despise because of the majority of people from high school frequenting this place in the past and plus the whole high school thing of “brand name popularity” that I disliked (and still do). So there I was, waiting for the person to emerge and whilst I sat down to check out the album by Rammstein I brought, Mutter, when the attendant for the change room came to me and studied a shirt hanging on it’s rack and asked me, “Would you pay $50 for this shirt?” Indicating the most disgustingly bright coloured shirt I’ve ever seen in clothes-shopping history. I studied the offending garment and replied in all honesty: “It should really be between 20 and 30 dollars…”. But what surprised me the most that people like her are actually gaining a free will which is amazing because in high school, the brandnames of Billabong and such meant everything in the teen fashion world and is the thing for the fashion-conscious and plus there’s the teenage mass mind to consider. When I was in high school, I brought things from second-hand and from Red Stripe, an Alt-Fashion store which another of my friends, Matt, started to like. Maybe the teens and teeny-boppers of the future will forsake the brand name and make their own garments, now a total boycott and hearing about it would be the shit.


  1. Clothes are an expression of the personality of the individual wearing said clothing. I wear tshirts with Comic Book logos on them. I guess that makes me a sheep. No matter what you wear, seems you’re a sheep to some trend, or subculture’s expectations which demand individuality expressed through conformity whilst loudly maintaining a sense of individuality within a circle of conformit- hmm. where was i? oh yes! You can’t win! Still. At least I don’t have tattoos or holes in funny places.

  2. But then again individuals are those who actually dare to stand alone, you just don’t see them because of the crowd threatening to swallow them up.

  3. Standing alone is sad. No one will dance with you. Not that I can dance. My girlfriend says I have two left feet and a few extras no one should have. But if I were standing alone, she wouldn’t be standing beside me.

  4. I found that the more alone I am, the more I’ll survive and leave the rest to rot. Just like survival of the fittest 🙂

  5. That’s sad. I always like holding hands. If I couldn’t hold my girlfriend’s hand, I’d go mad and die in a corner like a frightened dog.

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